Truth and Love

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When I asked Rabbi Noach Weinberg, my Rosh Yeshiva, in 1992 about setting up a branch of Aish in the UK, he told me not to do it. He didn’t think Aish would be successful there. But I went anyway because of two key principles I had learned from him. Firstly, that being his student meant listening seriously and respectfully, but ultimately making my own decision. And secondly, that with enough reliance on God and the right amount of effort, anything is possible.

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Self Love

Reading Time: 4 minutes

My Rosh Yeshiva, ztzl, used to reminisce about his days as a child on the Lower East Side. Often, he would come back from school and his father would ask him, ‘Noach – did you remember that Hashem loves you today?’ ‘Yes’, was the young boy’s usual answer. ‘Well done, his father would respond. You did a very big mitzvah. And an easy one at that!!’

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