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Take a journey with Shaul through spiritual growth, wellbeing and a commitment to building a better world.

What The Relationship Gurus Dont Tell YouWatch

He’s Not Jewish But My Kids Will BeWatch

Meaning What You Pray (Part 1)Watch

Meaning What You Pray (Part 2)Watch

Meaning What You Pray (Part 3)Watch

Footballers, Tweets & Freedom Of SpeechWatch

How To Mean What You Pray (Part 4)Watch

How To Mean What You Pray (Part 5)Watch

The 5 Levels of the Soul & The 3 Principles (Part 2)Watch

5 Levels of the Soul and The 3 Principles (Part 1)Watch

Halloween: Stars, Ladders & Crystal BallsWatch

Trust vs EffortWatch

Yom Kippur Confession: Practically SpeakingWatch

Charity: Who’s Giving To WhoWatch

Prayer: Who Does It Change?Watch

Yom Kippur Repentance: Is Innocence Better?Watch

Why Marriage Won’t Make You Happy – Part 1Watch

You Haven’t Lived Until You’ve Died – Part 3Watch

You Haven’t Lived Until You’ve Died – Part 2Watch

Judaism & Innate HealthWatch

Intelligent GivingWatch

Why Marriage Won’t Make You Happy – Part 2Watch

Death & The AfterlifeWatch

You Haven’t Lived Until You’ve Died – Part 1Watch

The Prophecy In PainWatch

Freewill: Even Though God’s InfiniteWatch

Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People?Watch

5 Levels Of Pleasure – Part 2Watch

Is Death With Dignitas Dignified?Watch

Body Or SoulWatch

Hitting Snooze And SuicideWatch

Is God The Adjustment Bureau Or Do We Have Independence?Watch

How To Get Your Prayers Answered – Part 3Watch

How To Get Your Prayers Answered – Part 2Watch

How To Get Your Prayers Answered – Part 1Watch

The Oral Law – Part 2Watch

The Oral Law – Part 1Watch

Evidence Series: Prophecy 2 (Class 4)Watch

Evidence Series: Genius of the Book (Class 3)Watch

Evidence Series: Historical & Psychological (Class 2)Watch

Evidence Series: Prophecy (Class 1)Watch

Making Order of The SederWatch

Israel: The State Of The NationWatch

IH D3 – Breakout – Judaism PanelWatch

Honour Your ParentsWatch

Gratitude: Attitude or Platitude?Watch

The Great Divide In IsraelWatch

Inside Out LivingWatch

The Dream ParadoxWatch

The 5 levels of the Soul and the 3 Principles (Part 3)Watch

Vidduy UnpluggedWatch

The Prayers of the High Holidays: What Exactly Are We Praying For?Watch

The Prayers of Rosh Hashanah: Dreaming the DreamWatch

Emunah and Bitachon – Week 10Watch

Emunah and Bitachon – Week 9Watch

Emunah and Bitachon – Week 8Watch

Emunah and Bitachon – Week 7Watch

Emunah and Bitachon – Week 6Watch

Emunah and Bitachon – Week 5Watch

Emunah and Bitachon – Week 4Watch

Emunah and Bitachon – Week 3Watch

Emunah and Bitachon – Week 2Watch

Emunah and Bitachon – Week 1Watch

The Wolf of Wall Street – How to succeed in business without losing your soulWatch

Innate Health – Tikun VisionWatch

Yom Kippur: God Is Here, What Do I Do?Watch

Rosh Hashana: Nothing To Do But Dream Of GreatnessWatch

Guidelines For Interpersonal Relationships: Honour Your ParentsWatch

Guidelines for Interpersonal Relationships: Don’t CovetWatch

Guidelines for Interpersonal Relationships: Employer Responsibility 1Watch

Guidelines for Interpersonal Relationships: Rebuke & HateWatch

Guidelines for Interpersonal Relationships: Forgiveness & RevengeWatch

Guidelines for Interpersonal Relationships: LoveWatch

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