Conceptual Prayer

Conceptual Prayer

The purpose of the Conceptual Prayer booklets are for a person to be able to say the same concepts as the Amidah, but in a language and style that should be more relatable. Hopefully, this interpretation will enable people to pray, and truly understand their prayer.

Prayer Experience Companion:
The High Holy Days


A conceptual prayer companion to a more meaningful High Holy Days.

The purpose of this Prayer Companion booklet is to help make the days of Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur more meaningful for a person on any level of understanding or observance. The idea is that when the congregation arrives at the Amidah, he or she will be able to turn to the appropriate section in this booklet and pick the relevant prayer, which is not a direct translation, but conceptually the same as the one in the Machzor.

This booklet provides an opportunity for someone who is challenged by the language of the prayers to say something that he or she will find meaningful.

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