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A book in ones hand is wisdom at access. Take a look through our books & booklets and find something that’s meaningful for you.

Mean What You Pray: A Practical Guide to Connecting In Prayer


Mean What You Pray is a book for those who believe in the power of prayer and want to learn how to leverage it more effectively. Specifically, this easy-to-read but powerful book takes each blessing of the Shemoneh Esrei – the fundamental prayer of the Jewish People – and explains how to use it most fully as a means to a deep, meaningful, and lasting relationship with Hashem.

Why Bad Things
Don’t Happen to Good People


‘Why Bad Things Don’t Happen to Good People’ expertly tackles the most challenging topic of all time. With a light and sometimes humorous style, and through sharing his own personal story of loss and recovery, Rabbi Rosenblatt provides an answer to the almost unanswerable question. He will challenge your conceptions as he delivers a remarkable and powerful argument that in fact, bad things simply don’t happen to good people!

The Bris


Surely there’s no more bizarre ritual than the bris. We take a baby boy eight days old and family and friends gather round excitedly as we cut off its foreskin. So why do it? ‘The Bris’ will give you insight and meaning into this ancient Jewish ceremony as it takes you through the order and explanation of this unique mitzvah.



What do you say? How do you say it? What are all the customs about? Someone has just lost a loved family member, how can you possibly offer any comfort? ‘Shiva: a spiritual arm around us’ is intended to help family and friends participate in a shiva and make it meaningful for the mourners who they’ve come to support.