Bad Things Don’t Happen

Reading Time: 14 minutes

The book of Job is surely the most shocking book of the Bible.

Job is a righteous man — there is “no one like him on earth; pure, straight, God-fearing, and does no evil” (Job 1:8). He is wealthy, accomplished, respected, and the father of ten children.

God decides to test Job. And it’s not a stubbing-one’s-toe type of test. In one fell swoop, his children die and his wealth is completely obliterated.

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Seeing the Light in Darkness

Reading Time: 7 minutes

As with all good things in life, trust in God does not just happen. You don’t go to bed one night feeling that God is out to get you and wake up the next day confident that you can rely on Him – no matter what you take.

If you want to trust God, it is going to take conscious effort to develop and maintain the emotion.

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