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Tikun is about a better modern world through ancient Jewish wisdom.

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About Tikun UK

Hello! And welcome to Tikun, London’s boutique Jewish Education organisation designed to promote meaningful Judaism, mental health and social action.

Tikun believes that a Judaism that relates to people where they are at is what is needed. It shouldn’t be outdated, it should be fresh and vital; it shouldn’t be ritualistic, it should be spiritual; it shouldn’t be boring, it should be relevant; it shouldn’t be insular and closed minded, it should be welcoming and have a global agenda.

Our values are:
• Independence – think and decide for yourself
• Tikun Olam – the world is our responsibility
• Pleasure – Judaism should be a pleasure, not a chore
• Kiddush Hashem – be a representative of God, a role model for others
• Tikun Hamidos – developing good character traits is all of Judaism

At the nucleus of Tikun is adult Jewish education, with a focus on how Judaism can enhance your life. Teaching Torah to show how to become a better person, not as ritual, not just how to, but what’s behind it, how the Torah is meant to bring you closer to God.

Our Other Organisations

Better World

Simply put, we are a registered charity that does exactly what it says on the tin, we work towards a better world for everyone.
Our organisation has distinct parts in the areas of education and well-being, each working within its own restricted budget and funds.

The Rabbinic Training Academy

We provide mentorship through the first eighteen months of rabbinical career. We offer a high quality learning programme to segue between the structure of a Kollel and independent learning. We focus on, and develop, the wellbeing and resilience of our participants.


The purpose of the Conference is to unlock our ability to discover an improved experience of life through an understanding known as the Three Principles. This is the primary event for anyone looking for a better personal understanding of the Principles and their implications.

Light Up A Life

Currently in its 12th year, Light Up A Life is a volunteering project aiming to unite people of all faiths (and none) in a massive volunteering and giving drive over the winter holidays, in partnership with many other charities, organisations and communities.

Welcome to Tikun!

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